HR Philosophy

Comprehensively participating in international markets competition, Chunlan will continually attract outstanding local talent, and implement an internationalized human resource strategy.

According to international practices of human resources's introduce, use and train, Chunlan has carried out a policy of "integration of human resources" in recent years. It is endeavoring to promote related concepts, systems, policies, education and other aspects, and has accumulated a strong "competitiveness in human resources".

- "Integrating concepts" and establishing a developing philosophy of internationalized human resources

Having participating in the international markets for a long time, Chunlan has brought out and formulated an "Internalized Human Resources" development philosophy based on a "Concept of integration" with world talent. It mainly includes: Firstly, the company's internal human resources must be internationalized; Secondly, the quality of the company's internal resources must reach international standards. The company should set its working space of internal human resources in global market.

Only by having internationalized human resources can make the internationalized Chunlan develop more rapid.

- "Integration of systems", Constructing a world-class platform for technological innovation.

Chunlan develops scientific research on a global scale, and has set itself the goal of surpassing the world's first-class technology. Based on the establishment of the three-dimensional scientific research innovative system, the company carries out cooperation on some leading edge projects with leading scientific institutions and major companies in Japan and the United States , along with Shanghai Jiaotong University , Nanjing University and son on. It has also assigned technical experts to form "Special task solving groups" to jointly carry out research. Over the past few years, based on this world-class technological innovation platform, Chunlan has finished or is under researches of one hundred projects at the leading edge of science and technology. Of those, a high energy nickel hydrogen battery has already passed state-level appraisal and has entered the pilot plant testing phase. The two leading edge achievements of "air conditioning simulation technology", and "Research into sound quality" were released on the 51st and 52nd international white goods technological convention in the United States , and received great attention from the international home appliances industry. Additionally, research projects such as compressor vibration research, air flow field analysis, networked home appliances development, motor combustion analysis, electronic information product development all made breakthroughs in development.

- "Policy Integration", Creating a global Mobile Magnetic Field for Attracting Talent

Chunlan's human resources policy has integrated with the world to create a strong magnetic field for global talent mobilization and attraction.

In terms of specific measures, Chunlan has used methods to bring scientific personnel's enthusiasm into full play, such as allowing its scientific talents to hold shares, participate in dividends, carried out an "annual salary system", "fixed project cost system" as well as sending employees abroad for advanced studies. It has also employed methods such as a "competitive bidding system for assignments", "Panel of experts system" to encourage staff to courageously rise to the challenge and give them an opportunity to realize their self-value. At present, many post-doctoral and masters' at Chunlan's postdoctoral workstation, and foreign experts working at Chunlan's overseas scientific institutions have expressed deep satisfaction with Chunlan's human resources policy.

- "Integration of education", Forging a first rate team of cross cultural operations.

To better participate in global competition, Chunlan has integrated its business education with the transnational, outward orientation style of education which stresses practical experience and ability to create a "three-in-one educational pattern" with Chunlan characteristics. "three-in-one" education means combining normal academic education with applicability training, combining comprehensiveness education with selective education and combining domestic education with international education. Chunlan has established its own high school - Chunlan Institute. Every year, it cooperates with famous national institutions and selects excellent students to study here for bachelors and masters degrees.

While strengthening domestic education, Chunlan's international education has also seen considerable development. At the end of last year, the first group of nine young executives came back from studies in the United States , and their cross-cultural operations and abilities had been greatly enhanced. This year, Chunlan's Overseas Group has sent nearly one hundred foreign personnel to come to China in succession to receive Chunlan's systematic training, operating philosophy, new scientific technological products and internationalized development. It not only left them with a deep impression but made them feel honored to serve Chunlan, further strengthened their long-term relationships with Chunlan and owned confidence to advance together with Chunlan.

The integration of concepts, systems, policy and education have established the firm foundation for Chunlan "integration of human resources". More and more first-class talents have been attracted in Chunlan. And an internationalized team of talents with modern scientific knowledge, cross cultural operational capacities, ability to innovate, and proficient in the operating global economy now is forming at Chunlan.