CEO Oration

In the new century, China is now experiencing a great historic economic transition, which is well on the way of integrating with the global economic progress at an unprecedented speed. Under the new competitive situations, it is no use complaining, being seized with panic or caught in illusion. We should face up to the reality and meet the new challenge through continuous self-adjustment, and adaptation to changes in the world, so as to achieve Chunlan's strategic goals in the new century. Implementation of the matrix management so as to form a modernized management platform. Based on the guiding principle of "united planning, lateral legislation , vertical operation, resource sharing and cooperative fighting”, Chunlan will strengthen the implementation of its internal operational rules, goal evaluation and result examination, promote the integrated operation system of the industrial groups and bring about the overall sharing of the internal resources within Chunlan. Establishment of a multi-level new scientific research & innovation system so as to form an internationalized R & D platform. Chunlan will develop the Chunlan Institute, the Chunlan College, the Chunlan postdoctoral workstation and such three major research centers as electric appliances, motors and electronics into an international open scientific R & D platform, establish an omni bearing and multi-level scientific research cooperation relationship with the international scientific research institutions and circles of the same trade in the world, attract & absorb on a wide scope scientific & technological talents and scientific research achievements in the countries throughout the world and study & master the advanced technologies, especially the core technologies, through self-decided or cooperative innovation and research. Renewal of human resources concepts so as to form a global human resources platform. Chunlan will speed up its introduction of high quality professionals and strategic talents of applicability, whom Chunlan is in urgent need of , adjust and optimized the ratio of the talent structure of such high-quality professionals teams as operation, management and scientific research, make full use of the incentive mechanisms, and take practical & effective measures to bring their value and functions into the maximum play. In the 21st century, Chunlan will be faced with both opportunities and challenges, and pride and dreams. As Chunlan has transformed a small-sized state-owned factory on the brink of bankruptcy into a modernized corporation well-known in China , it is certain that Chunlan will develop into a well-known diversified corporation in the world. Tao Jianxin Chunlan Group Board Chairman and CEO Tao Jianxin, male, Han Nationality, Native of Dantu Jiangsu, Born in Taizhou Jiangsu on Dec, 1953. Graduated from Nanjing University, majoring in Mathematics Senior professor, alternate member of the 15th and 16th central committee The 11th standing committee of the national Committee of the CPPCC. Secretary of the Party committee of Chunlan Group. Chunlan Group Board Chairman and CEO.