Scientific Research

Develop Enterprise through science and technology, stride towards the world

1998-4-21 Comrade Jiang Zenmin inspected Chunlan again and made the inscription for Chunlan: "develop enterprise through science and technology, stride towards the world". In recent years, inspired by the spirit to the would’s leading diversified compamy, Chunlan persistently challenged to the world advanced technology,and established three technical innovation system, and keep the core technology of household appliances, mechanical power, new energy and other areas. Chunlan created a team with the science and technology talent in the world and built a free platform for technology innovation to promote the quality of Chunlan economic grow sustainedly, rapidly and steadily.

Win the Market with Chunlan Core Technology of Independent Intellectual Property

"Relying on technological innovation to master the core technology" is not only Chunlan’s the guiding ideology of self-development, but also the inexhaustible power of Chunlan rapid rise which promote the technical level of domestic counterparts to further improve.

In order to technology no longer be controlled by others, and break the blockade of foreign technology, and truly gian competitive initiative in the international market, in 1990s, Chunlan mainly insisted on self-innovation, and focused on cultivating our own core technologies; According to the international advanced level, Chunlan formed a set of technical innovative ideas with Chunlan characteristics:

Positioning in the technology, Chunlan established a "market-based" principle" and "three forecasts":forecast technical life of products, forecast market capacity of products, and forecast economic benefits of products.

Instroduction in the technology, Chunlan established the principle of “ keep initiative”.

Do not pursue the introduction of a complete set of equipment, which only imported the key equipment from abroad, and persist in supporting domestic package; do not introduce technology from foreign counterparts, but directly from foreign scientific research institutions, or directly unite with foreign scientific research institutions to develop technologies to ensure the introduction of advanced technology.

In new product development, established "full intellectual property rights" principle and adhered to "think over when policy-making". Firstly, Chunlan thought whether we have technology, if not, Chunlan how to get this technology; secondly, Chunlan thought whether we can digest the technology and completely control the technology eventually; thirdly, Chunlan thought whether we can master its follow-up technology since we gain technology and enjoy intellectual property rights completely.

After years of introduction, digestion, absorption and innovation, Chunlan, not only mastered the existing the core technology of leading products, but also had a new core technology of products, had developed hundreds of "Chunlan technology" products with proprietary, of which dozens of projects not only fill the gap in China, but also reach the world advanced level.

Create the future with clear division of Chunlan technological innovation system

Creating a solid platform for technological innovation is the key that foreign enterprises overcome relying on the pure technical introduction so that appear a "technical Hollow" phenomenon, and escape from the "introduction - backward – introduction again - and backward more" cycle, and then be able to master the core technology, and always maintain its vigor and vitality in the fierce competition.

According to the principle " base with combination of the current and long-term, characterized by innovation, and hold basic and applied research simultaneously", After years of efforts, Chunlan establish the long-term, the middle and the recent technological innovation system:

Directly under the headquarters of Chunlan Group, Chunlan Research Institute formed "catch level" of Chunlan scientific and technological innovation.Research Institute is mainly engaged in basic, forward-looking researches of world technology frontier topics, and research and development of the latest industrial technology, and strive in next 5 to 10 years in keeping sync or keeping the leading position with technologically advanced world level in the related fields and combine new technological developments with the formation of new industries.

Chunlan electrical, mechanical power research institutes composed "update level" of Chunlan scientific and technological innovation. It is mainly engaged in professional technical studies, and provids a full range of technical suppor for the related industries, and hold the latest technology of the world of similar products ahead so that promote technological upgrading of existing products, and maintain leadership the existing products in the industry's technological.

Each technology department of manufacturing company formed “upgrade level” of Chunlan scientific and technological innovation. This level is mainly responsible for the existing process design, improvement,and upgrade of product quality.

With the completion of scientific and technological innovation system, Chunlan changed from "digest innovation" to "independent innovation", from "master general technology" to "master the core technology",and independent scientific and technological innovation are further improved.

To promote Chunlan diversified, international successfully with independent innovation

Chunlan scientific and technological innovation did not start from an industry or a level, but advanceded from many different industries, and a number of high starting points gradually, which laid an important foundation for Chunlan diversified, international development and Chunlan international status improving.

- With scientific and technological innovation, Chunlan successfully realized the diversification strategy to achieve rapid industries expansion. After years of hard work, currently Chunlan achieve the diversification of business in household appliances, mechanical power, new energy products and other industries. Chunlan economic structure smoothly transit from a single industrial structure to the multiple’ . In the new round of fierce competition, Chunlan not only maintain the original industrial advantages, but also increase new industrial advantage. Coupled with the substantial progress in trade and investment, overall Chunlan economic competitive strength be enhanced.

- With scientific and technological innovation, Chunlan successfully implemented international strategy to achieve rapid expansion of the international market. In recent years, with the growing technological strength Chunlan entered into the world mutural bidirectional of economic exchange rapidly. Foreign economic cooperation changed from import of foreign technology, equipment and capital to export Chunlan technology, equipment and capital, which reliazed competition at a higher level in international markets.

- With scientific and technological innovation, Chunlan's international status has greatly improved. With independent innovation ability, Chunlan can exchange, cooperate and jointly explore the high technology with the world-class company at an equal level in the lastest technology with the full intellectual property rights.

With technological innovation Chunlan succedded, and create favorable conditions and a solid foundatio for the future development of innovative ideas in technology, core technology, scientific research personnel, research equipment, so that Chunlan maintain a strong capacity for sustainable development and stride towards the completion of the strategic objectives of the international famous companies solidly.