Feb. 2010 Chunlan was elected the secretariat and the president units of "Jiangsu Power Battery Industrial Technology Innovation Alliance”.

Dec. 2009 Chunlan was honored with the "Republic of 60-year Most Influential Brands in 60 Strong."

Dec. 2009 Chunlan was selected the first "Jiangsu Innovative Enterprises".

Jun. 2009 Chunlan was won the double honors of "Top Ten Competitive Brands" and "Brand of Choice for Consumer Satisfaction".

Jun. 2009 Chunlan E-Commerce Application Demonstration Project was certified by Jiangsu Economic and Trade Commission.

Jun. 2008 “The Shanghai Mercury Chunlan Monograph" was awarded the fourth "National Industrial Enterprise Excellent Newspaper".

Jun. 2008 Chunlan was reelected “China Top 500 Most Valuable Brands” for the third time.

Jun. 2008 Chunlan Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd was recognized as provincial high-tech enterprise by Jiangsu Science and Technology Agency.

May 2008 The project of "Dynamic Hybrid Electric Bus with a Ni-MH Power System", undertaken by the Chunlan Research Institute, won the second prize of scientific and technological progress in Jiangsu Province.

May 2008 Taizhou Hotel of Chunlan was won the "Model Home of Workers in Jiangsu Province" title.

Apr. 2008 Chunlan Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. And Chunlan Power Manufacturing Co., Ltd. were elected as "2007 Enterprise Culture Advanced Units".

Apr. 2008 Chunlan CEO Tao Jianxing was listed among the “100 Economic Personage Contributed to China during the 30 year’s Reform and Opening-up”.

Feb. 2008 Chunlan "Hybrid electric bus with a power supply system" and "room air conditioner installation specification" were won "the 1st China Standard Innovation Award" .

Feb. 2008 Taizhou Hotel was awarded as “Gold Leaf Green Tourist Hotel”.

Dec. 2007 Chunlan was elected the first Journalists Association Units in Jiangsu enterprises and public institutions.

Dec. 2007 Jiangsu provincial government amply rewarded Chunlan for 2006-2007 "China Top Brand".

Dec. 2007 Chunlan was awarded the "National Machinery Industry Civilized Unit" once again .

Dec. 2007 China was elected the top 500 of the 1st Science and Technology Brands.

Nov. 2007 Chunlan was won the praise of 2007 National "Service Advanced Unit" again after its evaluation.

Nov. 2007 Chunlan was reelected "China Top 500 Enterprises" for six times.

Oct. 2007 Chunlan was elected as the model enterprise in Taizhou City in 2006, since applied information technology transfomed traditional industries.

Oct. 2007 Chunlan was listed again in Top 100 of China Machinery Industry Sales.

June 2007 Chunlan was listed again in Top 500 of Most Valuable Brands.

Jun. 2007 U.S. institutions selected 100 new global challengers from the global 3000 enterprises, and Chunlan was elected as an enterprise of the rapid development of economy(RDE).

Jun. 2007 Chunlan was awarded the “Jiangsu Corporation Culture Excellent Company”.

May 2007 Jiangsu Chunlan Refrigerating Equipment Stock Company was honored as "Jiangsu Quality Management Advanced Enterprise" and “AAAA standardized Well-behavior Enterprise”.

May 2007 Chunlan was listed in “Top 100 Influence of Chinese Mechanical and Electrical Industry Enterprises".

Apr. 2007 Chunlan was listed in the first "Key National Protection of Trademarks".

Feb. 2007 Chunlan was awarded the “2006 Most Competitive Brand" by the Ministry of Commerce.

Feb. 2007 Chunlan was listed in the key enterprises by Jiangsu Economic and Trade Commission.

Dec. 2006 Tao Jianxing was won "Manager of the World Achievement Award" again.

Dec. 2006 Chunlan was chosen the most valuable comsumer brands in China, and was listed top 10 electrical appliance enterprises.

Dec. 2006 National Bureau of Statistics released the innovation capability information of national medium-sized industrial enterprises, in which Chunlan was listed in "Top10 Independent Innovation Industry".

Dec. 2006 The ranking list of China market top 100 brand premium rate announced that Chunlan was elected as the only one home appliance industry in Jiangsu Province.

Nov. 2006 Chunlan was awarded the national “Advanced Enterprise with high quality after-sale service ” for ten years straight.

Nov. 2006 Chunlan was elected the Top 100 Enterprises of Chinese Brand.

Nov. 2006 Chunlan was listed in the “Largest 500 Enterprises in 2005”.

Aug. 2006 Chunlan Group CEO Tao Jianxing won the price of Top 25 Grand Merit Brand Legend Award since 25-year China's reform and opening up.

Aug. 2006 Chunlan Group CEO Tao Jianxing was elected the top 10 most infulential Entrepreneurs in Chinese homes appliance industry.

Aug. 2006 Chunlan was awared the “2005 Global Top 500 Chinese Enterprises”.

Aug. 2006 Chunlan was elected as “China Most Vigorous Enterprise” for the third time.

Feb. 2006 Chunlan was elected as “the Top 20 Internationalized Chinese Brands” by the world Chinese generation

Dec. 2005 Chunlan was awarded “the Top 10 of Most Favorite Brand in Chinese Family" and "Chinese Household Consumption Trusted Brand".

Dec. 2005 Chunlan was elected as the first “China Urban Economic Ambassador”.

Nov. 2005 Chunlan was awarded the most growth force brand in Chinese manufacturing industry.

Oct. 2005 Chunlan was elected as Chinese famous brands.

Oct. 2005 Chunlan was first honored as “National Civilization Enterprise”.