Taizhou hotel series tea favored in the eighth Taizhou Tea Festival

Date: April 15, 2019 1:30 AM

Go game originates from China. Taizhou in Jiangsu province, the manufacture base of Chunlan is the hometown of Huang Longshi who was the ancient Go Saint. Since this century world professional go tournament has been rising. The Japanese has sponsored "Fuji Cup", the Korean has sponsored "Dongyang Securities Cup" and "Samsung Cup" , and Mr. Ying Changqi from Taipei has sponsored "Ying Cup". But there is no tournament named after the Chinese enterprise. To participate in the world professional go tournament sponsored by Chinese enterprise has long been the strong desire of go players. It is Chunlan that turns their wish into reality. Chunlan adheres to the management concept that the enterprise must provide the society with high-quality service wholeheartedly to boost the capital increment and promote the well-being of mankind. Jointly sponsoring "Chunlan Cup" with the Go Association of China is an embodiment of Chunlan's management concept, an important measure that Chunlan takes to be on the world stage and to promulgate Chunlan culture, a miniature that Chunlan benefits the society.